Central Texas Vascular Access Network

About Us

CenTexVAN was established in January 2010. A group of vascular access nurses recognized a need for a local AVA network, as there was no infusion or vascular access organizations in Central Texas. Since then, the network has been expanded, with the help of other members, to the San Antonio and surrounding area, creating the CenTexVAN Southern Region.

Our Mission

CenTexVAN's mission is to promote excellence in vascular access by improving patient care, reducing vascular access complications, and ensuring continuity of care across disciplines and in all patient care settings, through education, networking and collaboration.

CenTexVAN is governed by a board of directors who volunteer their time and expertise. The term and elections are subject to the CenTexVAN bylaws.



CenTexVAN promotes its mission through corporate sponsorship and grants to support its activities. The manufacturers, clinicians and educators work collaboratively to enhance the best possible outcomes. We do not promote any commercial products or activities. CenTexVAN discloses all sponsors of its activities.

CenTexVAN members will include nurses, physicians, pharmacists, educators and manufacturers from the vascular access field. Members will complete a membership application and pay dues fixed by the Board.

To find out about the history of our parent organization, AVA, click here.

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